Unique Photo Booth Options

Polaroid Style Prints, Metallic Paper, B&W Beauty Prints

Whether you’re having a wedding or exclusive event, photo booths are all the crave. But what if you’re looking for a unique photo booth concept? You don’t want ordinary, you want extraordinary! Well, you’re in luck because we have a few ideas for you.

Like you, we also love to search for great ideas that will enhance your photo booth experience. So here’s a few of which we have found and that we now offer!

Unique Photo Booth Idea #1 – Black & White Beauty Prints
These are 4×6 black and white photos with enhanced lighting to create that flawless beauty look inspired by all the Kardarshian events’ photo booths. The best part is that we offer this option at no additional charge!

Unique Photo Booth Idea #2 – Luxury Metallic Prints
These 3×5 size prints have a stunning pearlescent sheen that gives your photos bold & saturated colors which are sure to wow your guests.

Unique Photo Booth Idea #3 – Polaroid Style Prints
This is our newest option available for a unique photo booth experience! It’s the classic photo booth print in a polaroid style print size of 3×4! It’s cute, it’s different and best of all, it’s now included at a special introductory rate of nada! Yep, that’s right, free of charge for events in the month of March. Contact us today for more info!