New Vintage Retro Photo Booth

Have you seen our new Retro Photo Booth?? If you’re looking for a beautifully hand crafted  wooden photo booth for that retro or vintage style event, this is it!

Modern is beautiful but vintage is timeless! We like to cater to all types of events so if our clean modern photo booths is not what you’re looking for then we have the new Retro Photo Booth for you! This new addition to our open photo booths was uniquely crafted using light and dark walnut wood,  vintage camera style tripod legs and a beauty lighting box that does creates the perfect photo!

Same professional and top of the line equipment, same amazingly beautiful lighting and as always the best customer service we can offer! And as with all of our photo booths, there is no other like it. All our booths are designed and manufactured by our own team of designers and professionals.

No offering a very Special introductory rate for our Retro Photo Booth rentals! Contact us today for more information.