LED Signs for Photo Booths

LED Signs and Photo Booth Rentals: Ideas & Advice

One of the most popular trends for photo booth backdrops are LED signs. These signs can really bring the room together as well as photograph quite beautifully, if done right! We’ve had plenty of experience with LED signs and would love to share with you what works & what doesn’t!

LED vs NEON signs
A lot of people get these two technologies confused which unfortunately causes some less than desirable results when it comes to the photo booth or pictures in general. Although neon signs are beautiful in person, when it comes to pictures you may be disappointed, in particular when the photos are taken with flash. In these cases, the “neon” light is then canceled out which means you only see the tubing in the photo but not the actual light. If you’re looking to have a sign made for photos, be sure these are LED signs which will show up in your photos nicely! 

LED sign sizes
I know we all think bigger is better, BUT, when it comes to having these for your photo booth pictures it’s not necessarily the case. Photo booths usually have a specific frame where the pictures will appear, normally horizontal which means if your sign is too tall or large then it might not show. Also, keep in mind that people will be standing in front of the sign therefore if you got a smaller one then there are more chances it will show in the photos. And lastly, we all tend to place signs in the center of the backdrop however consider placing it to the top corners so that it’s visible in the photos and still looks nice in person!

LED acrylic cuts
A lot of LED manufacturing companies will offer a few options as to how the LED acrylic backing is cut. Be sure to select or ask for contour cutting so that there’s minimal amount of clear acrylic showing. Why you ask?! Because otherwise the acrylic piece will cause the camera or photo booth’s flash to reflect and it’ll show in your photos.

If you’re looking into having an LED sign as part of your photo booth backdrop, let us know and we’ll be happy to recommend the best options! We are currently offering custom LED signs to ensure you have the right look for your photos! Or rent one of our in stock signs, we have “Better Together” or “Everything I Need” signs available now for rentals.

Custom LED signs start at $350 and can be purchased with or without our photo booth rental, 2-3 weeks required for turnaround.