Good looking photo booths for those who want good looking photos!
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Tower Photo Booth

The Tower Booth is our flagship booth, fully equipped with a professional DSLR camera, studio lighting and features a large 21″ touchscreen for easy viewing. It’s exterior is sleek and elegant, perfect for events where quality & style are priority!

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Compact Photo Booth

The Compact Booth is also fully equipped with a professional DSLR camera and studio lighting. It features dual screens, the main 12″ screen to view yourself as photos are taken and a rear 16″ screen displays a slideshow of the photos taken. This booth is sleek and portable for extreme flexibility!

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GIF/ Selfie Photo Booth

The Selfie/GIF Booth is our newest and latest! This social booth captures photos with an ipad and comes with a circular beauty light. As a “selfie” experience, guests can use the touchscreen to begin taking their photos, add filters & share them instantly! Or in GIF mode, a series of photos are taken to create animated GIFs which can be shared to social media or via email. No prints, no fuss, just fun! This is the perfect booth for those wanting something new, different & social!

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Hashtag Photo Booth

The Hashtag Booth works differently than the traditional booth. Photos are taken by you and your guests with your own phones! Once you upload the photo to Instagram or Twitter using the event’s designated hashtag, our booth will print it! The ideal booth for those interested in increasing exposure to their brand/event via the #hashtag movement! Or for wedding and private events that would prefer a “no waiting in line, just print my picture” photo booth!
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